Yes. You can take direct control of your Openmarkets broker account by converting the account to Openmarkets retail offering -

Openmarkets has provided a convenient way to move your current Openmarkets broker account to Opentrader. Simply complete this Opentrader Online Form and Openmarkets will send you a confirmation once your account conversion is complete.

When completing the form, please use the same email which is linked to your Clover account. Your Clover account number is your current Openmarkets broker account number. This is available in the statement which has been provided to you and also on the contract notes which you receive from Openmarkets for all trades.

Please ensure that you review Opentrader's services and costs. Clover does not derive any commercial benefit if you choose to keep your securities with Openmarkets. We are simply providing this information for your convenience. It is not a recommendation to use a particular broker.

Please note: Once you convert your Openmarkets account to Opentrader, Clover will have no access to your broker account and your Clover account will close automatically.

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