You have two options with respect to closure of your Clover account:

Sell holdings and withdraw cash: You can close your Clover account as per the usual account closure process. Clover will sell your ETF holdings and sale proceeds will settle into your Macquarie Cash Management account. See How do I close my account? for details on how you can close your account via your dashboard.


Transfer holdings: If you do not wish to sell your ETF holdings, you have the option of taking direct control of your ETFs which will automatically close your Clover account. You can transfer your holdings to another broker account you have or take direct control of your Openmarkets broker account.

Please note:

Selling your holdings will likely have Capital Gains Tax (CGT) consequences. The CGT impact will depend upon a number of factors including realised gain/loss on the sale, your tax bracket and CGT assessments of any other assets you may hold.

Generally speaking, if you transfer your holdings to another broker account you own i.e. there is no change in the beneficial ownership of the holdings, the transfer is not considered a taxable event.

Please note that we can’t comment on your specific tax circumstances as we are not authorised to provide tax advice, nor are we aware of your personal tax situation. The above comments are purely general in nature.

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