The percentage of Socially Responsibly Investments varies depending on your portfolio personalisation. If you opt in for Socially Responsible Investments, they will comprise between 20% and 75% of your portfolio.

SRI portfolios are made up of the same mix of asset classes as standard Clover portfolios; Australian Shares, International Shares, Enhanced Cash and Bonds.

However for SRI portfolios, we have selected different Australian & International Shares ETFs which are Socially Responsible Investments.

Enhanced Cash is a collection of term deposits and money market securities (similar to a bank account). As Enhanced Cash isn't a direct investment in specific companies, screening for ethical considerations is not available. There isn't an SRI Enhanced Cash ETF available on the market at the moment.

Likewise, there are no SRI ETFs available in Australia for bonds at present.

We've kept Enhanced Cash and Bonds as asset classes in the portfolio for diversification, which is a core tenet of our investment philosophy. If we removed them, the portfolios would not be sufficiently diversified.

As the market demand for ethical investment products grows (through Clover and other investment solutions), we hope to see more products introduced to the market and to evolve our SRI offering as that happens.

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