If you have the experience, expertise, and time to monitor your portfolio and to rebalance it in response to market movements, self-managing your portfolio is certainly an option. As part of the onboarding, we’ll give you our ETF recommendations for free.

However, we’ve built Clover for the vast majority of people who prefer not to spend the time and worry managing their portfolio. 

The benefits of using Clover rather than an online broker include:

  1. Personalised Advice: Our first goal is to create a portfolio which is suitable for you in light of your financial objectives and risk tolerance. We create a personalised recommendation for you based on your investing needs and continually monitor your portfolio to ensure that it’s weighted correctly.  stays appropriate as per our recommendation

  2. Diversified Portfolios: We are strong believers in managing risk and not just focus on returns. We seek to maximise your take-home return at every level of risk. Our diversified portfolios invest across a broad range of asset classes and we regularly stress-test the target portfolios to ensure that the risk/return characteristics of the portfolios stay appropriate.

  3. Portfolio monitoring and rebalancing: Over time your portfolio will move from its target allocation as some assets will perform better than the others. We continually monitor your portfolio for its drift from the target allocation and rebalance smartly to maximise the potential for better long-term returns.

  4. No brokerage costs: - online brokers charge hefty brokerage fees which penalise you for regularly adding to your investments. Clover does not charge brokerage fees so you can contribute to your investments frequently.

  5. Tax reporting: – we provide you with a tax summary of your Clover portfolio, soon after financial year-end which can be directly inputted into your tax returns. 

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